Conroy Chan is a youth culture specialist.. He has traversed all fields to create knowledge and awareness of youth cultures unexplored in Hong Kong. He has pushed all boundaries to create new markets and a more positive direction for the youth culture of today! Having starred in over 30 films, Conroy currently produces and is the CEO of 852 Films. Conroy is also currently a member of the Hong Kong Hip Hop group 24Herbs.



2011 Hong Kong New Action Producer of HK Film Development Council
2008 Founder 24 Herbs (Rap Group)
2008 Co-Founder 852 Films
2007 Co-Founder, (Social Media)
2006 Co-Founder Hong Kong's National Skate Team
2005 Produced HK's first ever Skate, Bmx and inline training videos
2005 President of The Hong Kong Roller Association
2004 Co-Founder Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports
2003 Honorary President of The Hong Kong Wakeboarding Association
2003 Produced Hong Kong's first ever Wakeboarding training video