“As Bruce Lee said: emotional contact, with the age of information overload, our aim for the UA trailer was to get the essence of the message across using audio and visual to get emotional contact..everything stems from emotional contact.”

– Conroy Chan, CEO of 852Films
Background of UA Cinemas – Hong Kong and Macau

Today UA Cinema operates eight superbly equipped cinemas at various strategic locations across Hong Kong since 1985, and manages the largest customer loyalty database of all cinema circuits in Hong Kong.

Generating an audience of over 5 million patrons a year, the UA network boasts almost 30% of the industry total box office receipts in Hong Kong. In the past two decades, UA has successfully introduced various kinds of new movie experiences for Hong Kong’s audience. UA keeps upgrading luxury experience to audiences by introducing Hong Kong’s first IMAX cinema, Digital Cinema and Director’s Club. UA iSquare IMAX ranked number 1 in the world for box office for the megahit movie “Avatar”. UA leads in the movie industry to catch up with the global boom in high-definition filmmaking.